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 "If you want prompt service and high quality formatting for Smashwords, Lynda Brown is your go-to person! She supports and promotes indie authors and will assist you in publishing your books for a low price. I can?t wait to do business with her again, being interviewed on her Author Chat Show as well as formatting my eBooks. Thank you Lynda!"
Kelli Sue Landon, author of Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood

 I will format your eBooks for Smashwords so your books will be available for over 20,000 libraries to purchase and loan out to library patrons. This is a very lucrative market and you do not want to miss out!!

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Publish your book using Create Space and Smashwords!

  Take control of your publishing project by self publishing using the two best websites on the Internet:

  Create Space for your print books and Smashwords for your eBooks.

  We can help you with editing, formatting and book cover designs. Check out our low prices and   compare them to Author House, Xlibris, and self publishing platforms by traditional authors!

 We also assist you in setting up your account with Create Space and Smashwords so you keep All Royalties!

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Do you have a book trailer for your book?

  Spoken Word Press will produce a high quality 2-3 minute  book trailer for you for only $75! To order please click on the link below: